'Had a gutful' rally on again

28 Nov, 2013 01:00 AM
Organisers of a rally supporting live exports are hoping for another big crowd like this one that attended the first rally in November last year.
We've been forced to sell our farm, because we have lost markets
Organisers of a rally supporting live exports are hoping for another big crowd like this one that attended the first rally in November last year.

LIVE export supporters are being called on again to rally in Fremantle on Sunday, December 8.

In November last year there was an overwhelming response to the call for a counter rally to the Stop Live Exports group's anti-live export protest.

More than 1800 farmers, truck drivers, stock agents and other industry representatives gathered in Fremantle to stand up for the live export industry.

It was one of the biggest show of unity and support from the agricultural sector in recent years.

Organiser Michael Trant said a similar event to last year was being planned.

"We will gather at Merv Cowan Park near Fremantle's Stirling Bridge from 9am, in a show of support for the trade and its importance to the entire agricultural and rural community," Mr Trant said.

Live export workers and farmers will talk to the crowd about front-line animal welfare improvements being made along the entire supply chain, from export to slaughter.

Mr Trant said those involved with the trade have had a gutful of the industry's positive stories being continually ignored.

"We're sick of hearing blatant lies from those trying to shut down the trade, like complaints about overcrowded trucks, or 'pregnant sheep' on board export boats which actually turn out to be male sheep. These people are trying to tell us what is good for animals," he said.

"Out of the 100 plus countries that export live animals, Australia is the only one doing anything to improve conditions in foreign countries.

"We want people to know that banning something fixes nothing.

"Since last year's rally we've been forced to sell our farm, because we have lost markets due to the tighter regulations placed on the trade.

"The protesters don't seem to realise or care about the effect it's having on our farmers."

Mr Trant said he has heard of buses being organised from as far away as Northampton, Morawa, Three Springs and Bunbury.

"Everyone is welcome to come and show your support for the farmers, the truckies, the stock agents, the yardmen, the jackaroos, jillaroos, feed mills, hay and grain growers, lotfeeders, vets, AQIS officials, shearers and all the other support industries involved," he said.

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rob mc bride
28/11/2013 5:44:54 AM, on Stock Journal

just know the whole australian farming community is behind you, all the best of luck. regards robert mcbride tolarno station NSW
Love the country
28/11/2013 5:57:27 AM, on Stock & Land

Well done Michael, farmers let's make this a big one, email all sectors of the farming industry, this is very, very important, Australia attends, we are losing farmers in there droves for the sake of a small group of dole bludgers from the cafe strips, that do absolutely for our economy . So open your emails and make everyone aware its on. See you there
28/11/2013 6:14:53 AM, on Farm Weekly

Thousands of concerned people have had a Gutful of the ongoing cruelty inflicted on the animals destined for the live trade It's time to realise that nothing changes re the abuse , barbaric handling and slaughter methods of many importing countries. If you care for your animals welfare , do not send livestock into all this shocking cruelty.
28/11/2013 6:27:07 AM, on The Land

I curious t olearn more of the facts about the live ex trade. 1. how long is the journey the cattle take. 2. do the cattle have space to lie down on the trip. do they get food and water?
28/11/2013 7:11:15 AM, on Queensland Country Life

CV, of course the cattle are fed. Their evening meal is an a la carte menu with usually four courses and a complementary bottle of Chardonnay. After that, they are shepherded into their own air conditioned private rooms where they have pillow topped innerspring beds to recline on and X-Boxes, i-phones and Austar TV are included in the room price.
28/11/2013 7:36:04 AM, on Stock & Land

CV. Great questions. The journey time depends on their destination. Cattle are fed a ration similar to what they will be fed in Indonesia, have room to move & lie down. Ships have a vet on board & stockmen whose sole job it is to feed, water & care for stock. Crew are also on the lookout for sick or injured stock which are promptly isolated into hospital pens & treated. Stock are so well cared for that they gain weight on the trip.
28/11/2013 7:38:02 AM, on Farm Weekly

Hi cv, I'm not a live exporter but have read and watched videos on the ships and know that the animals are well fed and watered and can lie down, unlike what the anti live export groups say. Suggest you go to Save Live Export, an open group who would be happy to answer your questions. Also Ask an Aussie Farmer is a good facebook page.
28/11/2013 8:29:25 AM, on Farm Weekly

Would love to go, but will still have a crop to harvest. Hopefully weather will clear without too much damage. All the best to those attending. Go for it blokes and girls. Serve it up to them. The problem is the ones you really need to influence have got their head so far in the sand and other places, they will never see reality. So show to those who will see. I know from my contacts you still have the over whelming majority of the rational thinking population behind you. Wish I could say the same for drama seeking media reporters.
Jen from the bush
28/11/2013 9:24:25 AM, on Queensland Country Life

Good on you guys. Wish we were closer to go too. Good luck on the day
Jo Bloomfield
28/11/2013 9:26:17 AM, on Stock & Land

Great work Michael. Many of us in cyber space support the rally and the improvements that have been are being made in the industry. Twitter #hadagutful2013 on the day to follow and support the rally.
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