Mount Ronan genetics enhance cash flow

23 Jan, 2018 04:00 AM
Ewe lambs, sired by Mount Ronan Maternal and White Suffolk rams, and out of Mount Ronan Maternal bloodline ewes at
Ewe lambs, sired by Mount Ronan Maternal and White Suffolk rams, and out of Mount Ronan Maternal bloodline ewes at "Hills Park", Yerong Creek, New South Wales, in December 2017.

TRULY professional prime lamb production is the exciting new kid on the block.

Lamb producers can access high-powered 2017-drop rams from Mount Ronan at its fourth annual on-property summer sale on Tuesday, January 30.

Mount Ronan principal Guy Bowen said sheep producers, particular in the South West, were in the box seat to enhance on-farm cash flow and profitability by making some basic changes to their enterprise decision-making.

“Discerning producers have realised that optimisation of enterprise profitability is the key to sustainability and that adherence to old practices is no longer good enough,” Guy said.

“Comparative enterprise bench-marking analyses in the South West have demonstrated that a self-replacing professional prime lamb production operation can outperform precision cropping enterprises including wheat, canola and barley, from a profitability perspective.

“In addition, the lamb production operation carries a greatly reduced risk profile.”

The Mount Ronan genetics program has selected sheep for constitutional strength for the past 50 years.

The ewes are run under tough commercial conditions and the outstanding performers are the building blocks of flock improvement.

Mount Ronan has been involved with LambPlan since the program began.

“However, the research work we are carrying out on individual ewe efficiency is yielding the greatest gains from a producer profitability perspective,” Guy said.

“The breeding program is totally profit-based.

“A lot of producers mistakenly believe that a breeding program based on ewes with larger adult sized genetics will yield greater profit.

“Ewes with genes for moderate adult size and fast early lamb growth rate genetics, are much more profitable, especially when they also possess the genes for mothering ability, muscling, lambing ease, fertility and strength of constitution.”

Guy is convinced producers in the South West, particularly can maximise profit by investing in Mount Ronan self-replacing genetics.

“This region, which has been traditional Merino country, is perfect for our genetics,” he said.

“Results in WA and the Riverina region of New South Wales continue to be truly outstanding.”



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