Royston on-property sale tops $2300

27 Sep, 2016 02:00 AM
With one of the $2300 equal top price Prime SAMM rams purchased by Carrawarra Estate Manjimup are Elders Jerramungup agent David Halleen (left), buyer Jane Phillips, Carrawarra Estate and Royston stud co-principal Sandy Forbes.
With one of the $2300 equal top price Prime SAMM rams purchased by Carrawarra Estate Manjimup are Elders Jerramungup agent David Halleen (left), buyer Jane Phillips, Carrawarra Estate and Royston stud co-principal Sandy Forbes.

THE carcase attributes of the White Dorper and the dual purpose wool and meat qualities of the Prime SAMM breed were celebrated and appreciated at the Royston on-property ram sale at Napier on Monday.

While the White Dorpers appeared more popular, two Prime SAMM rams gained the top price of $2300 and the general talk along the ram pens was that Royston stud principals Alan and Sandy Forbes had put up an outstanding line-up of both breeds for their 10th on-property ram sale.

It was the first two Prime SAMM rams in the catalogue which attracted the $2300 top price tag and paying the sum first was new client Jayne Phillips, Carrawarra Estate, Manjimup.

Ms Phillips said they had heard the wool quality of the Royston rams was very good and they had been drawn to the sale for this reason.

"We also feel that we live in a similar climate and rainfall area so on the wool side we know the wools can handle the conditions," she said.

"From what we have seen today the Royston rams are very much the dual purpose type with very good carcase attributes and good wool types also."

The equal top ram purchased by Carrawarra was a twin and at 89kg bodyweight its LambPlan figures included 5.5 WWT, 6.3 PWWT, 0.5 PFAT, 2.0 PEMD and 5.9 YWT.

It also had a DP $ Index of 119, micron of 21.3 and 99.5 per cent CF.

Carrawarra also purchased another ram from the Prime SAMM catalogue at $1700.

Also paying the $2300 top price sum for a Prime SAMM ram was Graham and Brenton Moir, Glenelg Estate, Amelup, who are registered Prime SAMM breeders.

Graham Moir said that he couldn't fault the sire for its wool, structure and carcase and that it would be used over a specific line of 'wool specialist' Prime SAMM ewes.

"He has clean, bright white wool," he said.

"Coming from a Sandown 40 background he has that proven wool performance in his genetics and this combined with his outstanding meat qualities made him an all-rounder."

Figures wise, the Moir's ram had a recorded sale weight of a hefty 102.5kg and its LambPlan figures were 3.7 WWT, 4.6 PWWT, 0.4 PFAT, 1.1 PEMD and 4.9 YWT.

Its raw wool figures were 21.8 micron and 99.3pc CF.

In the White Dorper section, $1900 was the top price paid and it was fitting that original client Damon Parker, Parker Farms, Gairdner, celebrated more than 10 years on the Royston White Dorper genetics with the purchase of the top sire.

In lot four, the 82.5kg top ram attracted the most attention for its exceptional hindquarter (a strong trait of the Royston bred sire) and length of loin.

Mr Parker said he was after a fast growing, good shedding sire to use over its maiden White Dorper ewes.

"He has great structure and he has all the important carcase attributes such as extra length, depth of body and squareness that I'm after in my sheep," he said.

It had the figures to match its visual appeal with 122 SRC index, 9 PWWT, 1.1 PEMD, -0.4 FAT and 5.5 WWT.

It also recorded a perfect score of 5 for shedding and 5 for foot score.

The top White Dorper ram was joined by another two rams for which Mr Parker paid $1300 and $800.

White Dorper

Aside from the $1900 top price ram highlight, of the 56 White Dorper rams that went up for auction 54 rams sold to average $1041.

Another highlight across this section was Wemyss Estate, Gnowangerup, which were volume buyers of the White Dorpers, taking away 19 rams.

Represented at the sale by George Hams, the operation have been buying rams from Royston for around three years.

"We have a specific yield and dressed weight we aim for with our lambs," he said.

"The majority of our lambs go to DBC butchers and this means we need to achieve about 52kg live weight for a 48kg dressed weight."

Wemyss Estate run 12,000 predominantly straight White Dorper ewes and with their ram selection they selected sires that were good shedders, had excellent structure or foot score and were nice and square.

"We also looked particularly at eye muscle, growth rates and we had a preference towards twins," Mr Hams said.

Across the 19 rams bought by Wemyss Estate, the enterprise paid to a top of $1400 (paid three times) and average of $1105.

Another volume buyer and long-time Royston client Twin Peaks Pty Ltd, Gnowellen, secured 12 White Dorpers paying up to $1300 at an average of $950, while new clients Turrama Farms, Pingaring, like what it saw and took home six, paying to a top of $1100.

Prime SAMM

With the remainder of the Prime SAMM catalogue there was a good representation of long-term clients that returned to fill their annual orders and this included Prairie Nominees, Newdegate, which purchased six rams paying to a top of $1700, at an average of $1250.

Another loyal client who has been buying since the start, Karen Pocock, Peniup Views, Jerramungup, took home five rams featuring one which was knocked down for $1700 and another at $1600 while NI Thorn, Tambellup, secured four at $1000, $900, $800 and $800.

New clients WJ Hunt & Co made their presence felt also securing four, paying $1600, $1000, $900 and $700.



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