$1010 ram heads

26 Sep, 2001 10:00 PM


ONE of the leanest seasons on record had little effect on the tone of the recent Kalgan Downs Merino stud sale as local and repeat buyers showed they were willing to stand by a tested formula.

Persistence paid off for stud principal Justin Stone with a top price of $1010 for a well nourished, white-woolled ram bought by Rob and Caroline Davey of Wellstead.

Mr Davy also proved to be the sale's bulk buyer taking home nine rams for an average $678.

The 33 line offering was auctioned under the Helmsman system with all but one ram being sold.

Mr Stone was enthused with the results.

"My rams have done it tough this year with the season being the way it has been but the quality of the wool speaks for itself and with an almost 100 per cent clearance our clients have acknowledged this," he said.

Elders auctioneer Bob Hart described the Kalgan Downs rams as being well suited to their clients from the higher rainfall and coastal areas as well as the local Borden area.

Buyers who put together good consistent teams included CF & DJ Cook, Gardiner four rams for an average $645 and to a top of $800, GAS & FA Pearce, Tenterden four rams for an average $622 and to a top of $800 and BW & DA Barrows, Borden who also bought four rams.


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