$60.50 ewes at Gairdner

26 Feb, 2003 10:00 PM

WELL-BRED Monte Verde blood Merino ewes and weaners sold to current values at the PR and MJ Fitzgibbon clearing sale at Gairdner.

The total offering the Elders conducted sale was extremely well presented. The ewes were mid-December shorn and had run with Merino rams from December 2002. Their 2002 wool measured micron was 21.3 and they'd cut an average 6.9kg. The 2002 lambing resulted in an overall 95pc drop.

Top price at auction was $60.50 paid by MK and M Peakall, Borden, for 432 Merino ewes 2.5 year old. A line of 3.5yo ewes sold to KB Ford, Boxwood Hill for $56.50 and the 4.5yo ewes made $57.50 when the 402 ewes 4.5 were knocked down to local woolgrower Wayne Meade. Mr Meade went on to take the 378 ewes 5.5yo at $48.

The 196 nucleus ewes aged from 2.5yo to 6.5yo failed to sell at auction. A small penning of 50 ewes 1.5yo made $42.50.

Unshorn wether weaners sold to $52 for 63 and $39 for 211. Ewe lambs made $39. Merino rams sold to a top of $155 for eight 2.5yo rams.

Agents comment: Auctioneer Ray Norman praised the quality of the total offering. He said the sheep showed the result of care and management during a tough year. Ewes sold at current value and the demand for wether weaners was strong.


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