$68.50 Green Range ewes

26 Feb, 2003 10:00 PM

MERINO ewes August-shorn black taggers sold up to expectations at $68.50 at the St Jack, Wesfarmers Landmark clearing sale at Green Range.

They were part of the 1464 East Carinya blood Merino ewes August shorn and running with Merino rams since 17.11.02. The topselling $68.50 draft of 375 head was bought by Ongerup district woolgrowers TJ and VF O'Neill. A line of 395 similarly bred 4.5yo Merino ewes was snapped up at $65.60.

The 357 blue tagger ewes failed to make their reserve at auction sold for $65.60 to the Windi Windi Pastoral Company, Mettler.

The younger white tagger Merino ewes sold for $55.50 to Gairdner woolgrowers DW and SM Meade.

The 241 yellow tag sound mouth Merino ewes joined to either Poll Dorset or Suffolk rams on November 1 made $66, when bought by G & L Mills, Albany.

A line of 316 Merino wether lambs in good store condition shorn early October made $47.50 when bought by Wellstead woolgrowers PM and M Diprose. The 273 ewe lambs similar condition went to Mt Barker Transport for $38.

Poll Dorset rams made $210 and two Suffolks $80 each.

Wesfarmers Landmark's local area manager Mark Bradbury said the continuing difficult pastoral conditions in eastern areas did not affect bidding for these well managed good type woolgrowing sheep.


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