$80.50 Northam 4yo ewes

26 Mar, 2003 10:00 PM

AT Northam last week a line of 303 rising 4yo ewes offered by NW Roe & Son, Grass Valley, topped the Wesfarmers Landmark sale, selling under the hammer for $80.50 to R & M Reece-Webb, Northam.

The August shorn ewes of Mannalea blood were mated to Mannalea rams and are due to lamb in May.

The ewes were surplus to requirements due to the recent sale of some land that the Roe family owned near Northam.

Bernburra Farm secured the second-top price on the day for a line of 170 rising 2yo, August shorn Merino ewes that had been running with Suffolk rams at a rate of 4%.

The mated ewes sold to Ken Jasper & Co, Cunderdin for $78.50.

Other prices amongst the rising 2yo mated ewes ranged between $58.00 and $78.50.

Lencia Propriety Limited, York, secured one line of 141 rising 2yo November shorn Merino ewes, that had been running with Suffolk rams at 4% for $65 and purchased a second line of 99 Merino March shorn, ewes that had been running with Suffolk rams at 4%, from the same vendor for $50.

BM Palm, Mukinbudin, secured a line of 249 2yo, October shorn Merino ewes for $58.

The ewes had been mated to Awassi rams from January to March and concluded the offering for 2yo mated ewes.

Next to be offered was a line of 166 rising 5yo Merino ewes that had been mated to Poll Dorset rams from mid December onwards.

The ewes were offered by Tanner & Co,York, and sold strongly to PR & SD King, Dowerin, for $67, who secured a second line of 133 November shorn, rising 5yo ewes, for $55.50 that were offered by Bernburra Farm, Bolgart.

The ewes had been running with Suffolk rams from mid December onwards.

Greg Neaves, Wesfarmers Landmark, Gingin bought a line of 283 6.5yo Merino ewes on behalf of Moller Holdings that sold for $55.

The July shorn ewes of Cranmore Park blood had been running with Suffolk rams at a rate of 4%.

Next in the offering was a line of 156 rising 2yo October shorn Merino wethers of Greenville blood, that sold to KC & PH Boyle, York for $60.50.

The wethers were offered by E & G Lawrence, Northam, who had recently retired from farming and constituted part of the total offering of 650 combined ewes and wethers on offer at the sale.

Equal top price for wethers was paid by Mynarra Pastoral Co, York, who bought the line of 103 rising 1yo, October shorn Merino wether lambs from RJ O'Driscoll, Grass Valley, and secured a second line of 266 rising 1yo Merino wether lambs of Glen Byrne blood from PR & LR Mc Pherson, Northam, for $59.

Garryowen Farming Co purchased three lines of rising 1yo Merino wether lambs, and took home a total of 887 wether lambs on the day.

One particular line of 297 wether lambs of Haseley blood offered by G & V Mincherton, Cadoux, sold strongly to Garryowen Farming Co for $57.50, while the remaining two lines purchased sold consecutively for $55.50 and $52.50.

Unnmated rising 1yo ewes were offered next in the Wesfarmers Landmark offering and prices ranged from $20 to $61.50.

RJ & RL Edmonds fetched the top price for unmated ewes on a line of 139 Rhamily blood, October shorn ewes that sold to I & D Warner,York, for $61.50.

RJ O'Driscoll, Grass Valley, enjoyed good prices for his ewe lambs with his offering of 421 ewes being split and selling strongly to two different buyers.

DE & BJ Draper, York, purchased 210 of the October shorn ewes while, I&D Warner, York, purchased the remaining 211 out of the total offering for $57.

M & S Fairclough, York, bought three lines of the 1yo unmated Merino ewes, paying a top of $55.50 for a line of 118 October shorn ewes offered by T & L Murray, while Vernon Nominees, Northam, purchased a line of 62 January shorn, rising 1yo, unmated Merino ewes of Big Springs blood for $47.50 from D & DG King, Dowerin.



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