Alan Carpenter now senior Wesfarmers manager

30 Oct, 2009 10:40 AM
Former WA Premier Alan Carpenter
Former WA Premier Alan Carpenter

FORMER WA Premier Alan Carpenter has been appointed to a senior management role at Wesfarmers Limited.

Mr Carpenter will take up the position of executive general manager, corporate affairs in early December.

Wesfarmers managing director Richard Goyder said he was delighted Mr Carpenter had decided to join the company.

"Alan is a very talented person, who, as a senior Minister and Premier, made a significant contribution to WA public life," Mr Goyder said.

Mr Carpenter said he was extremely pleased to be joining Wesfarmers.

"I think most West Australians, whether they are investors or not, have a very high regard for this company," Mr Carpenter said.

"This is probably because Wesfarmers has earned a deserved reputation as a company that has not only achieved sustained business success but is also respected for its integrity and community commitment."

In his role, Mr Carpenter will be responsible for the Group’s external affairs activities including media relations, government, community contribution and sustainability.

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17/01/2017 8:40:56 PM, on Farm Weekly

Nothing, of with any intended bias but as always, some-what always just a tad political. As a left wing journo, have you ever written some sort of personal biography? I am having an emailed bag with my son upon the rights & wrongs, of our system. I "tend" socialist but the silly boy thinks he is an Libertarian! Why did you break up Western Power? That of but of a left wing funded concept to provide electricity to all of the community? A direct reply from you, & not of some secretaries accepted handball, would be nice!


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