Albany White Suffolks to $640

30 Oct, 2002 10:00 PM

THERE were highs and lows at Elders prime lamb sire sale at Albany on Friday. Some 82 rams were offered of which 31 were White Suffolks.

It was this breed which provided the top selling pair of rams which made $640 a head for Rob and Stacey Bush, Bush Farm White Suffolk stud, "Rhos Gwyn, Mt Barker.

"We're very happy with the sale result," Stacey said.

"We're increasing our flock numbers and are seeking some good type ewes to buy. We also hope to start an AI programme this coming season."

She sold 14 rams in total, six at $620 and two at $600 to achieve and excellent average of $594 for 14. Mike Smith, Napier, bought the top selling $640 pair, two at $620 and two at $560.

MJ Richardson, "Arizona" White Suffolk stud, Mt Barker, sold 10 rams to a top of $560.

Primaries WA taking two at $560 and four at $520 and WA & PM Pearce, Woogenellup, two at $520 and two at $480. PA & VJ Chitty, "Yavanna", Albany, sold three White Suffolks, two for $400 and one at $300. DJ & JA Elson, "Yundabine", Mettler, ended the White Suffolk listing by selling four rams for $300 a head which Elders, Cranbrook bought.

Of the 20 White Suffolks offered, 14 were sold.

WG Reid & Company, Kalgan stud, gained top price $400 for four rams bought by Mt Barker Transport who took two more at $350 and Elders, Cranbrook, one at $380.

SG & BE Hicks, "Wayandah", Albany, sold four South Suffolk rams at $380 and two at $400 to J & C Howard, South Stirling.

From the Suffolk offering of eight rams, all from JW Dennis, "Jacaranda Park", Denbarker, Mt Barker Transport, bought two at $400, Talawa Grazing Company, bought two at $440 and two at $350 and Brian Hemley, Albany, two at $400.

Two vendors offered Poll Dorset rams totalling 20 head.

Top price $580 was paid for two rams from the 10 offered by DG & BE Hicks, "Wayandah", Albany.

Wayandah went on to sell two at $580 and two at $540 to Michael Smith, Mt Barker. Noel Stoney, Gnowellen, took two at $540 and Glendon Downs, Cranbrook, four at $520.

Nunagin Farms "Nunagin", Albany, offered 10 Poll Dorsets and sold 10, with N Stoney, Gnowellen, paying $400 for two, L Vigolo, Narrikup, two at $400, two at $380, and four rams at $350.

Of three Texel rams from the Braeside Texels, Albany, two were sold at $350 to Michael Smith, Mt Barker.

Elders auctioneer Ray Norman said buyers stuck to their favoured breeds with the White Suffolk and Poll Dorset buyers having made up their minds before the sale started.

The overall quality of the rams was excellent, he said, and vendors generally had expressed satisfaction with the result.


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