Big influx for Corriedales

23 Feb, 2001 10:00 PM

A HOST of new studs have bolstered the Corriedale showing in recent years at Woolorama and the unofficial patriarch of the breed Arthur Pederick expects there will be another strong showing this year.

Arthur says most of the Corriedale studs in WA are not big but they are keen exhibitors of their sheep.

This year the judge is Australian Corriedale Association president Richard Archer from Tasmania and Arthur aims to at least have an entry in every class from his local stud Corralyn.

Corralyn is one of the oldest studs in Australia first being formed in 1913 by a branch of the Pederick family. It was split and the respective halves were won on the toss of a coin and reregistered in 1946 when Arthur's father Horrie and uncle Vern divided their farming partnership.

Corralyn has survived as WA's and arguably Australia's foremost Corriedale stud and has experienced something of a resurgence in demand in the past couple of years exporting 550 doses of semen to South Africa recently and making major changes to the flock structure.

Arthur has abandoned the idea of breeding Merinos in favour of running a purebred commercial self-replacing flock of Corriedales.

His long-term aim has been to reduce micron, increase wool cut and to increase meat production and combined with the natural fecundity of the Corriedale flock is achieving substantially higher lambing percentages than that achieved by his Merinos.

Corralyn has established a raport with Dardanup Butchering Company, which annually their carry-over lambs on-farm in April and May and with returns around $43 on-farm and a strong outlook for sheepmeat Arthur is confident that the future lies with his dual purpose breed.


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