Boyup Brook ewes to $60.50

26 Mar, 2003 10:00 PM

SHEEP producers wanting top-class Merinotech genetics were out in force at Lentara stage one dispersal sale in Boyup Brook last week were 3.5yo ewes topped at $60.50

The sale was part one of a two-stage flock dispersal where a total of 7730 sheep will be sold marking and end of an era for the Honey family in the sheep breeding industry.

At last week's sale the majority of sheep offered were lambs, which included 930 ewe lambs, 930 wether lambs and 827 mixed sex store cross bred lambs, with two lines of older ewes also offered, with all selling to strong demand.

The sale was solid from the onset, with a number local buyers, keen to snatch the quality genetics which they had seen developed over numerous years of breeding.

Competition on all lines was strong and in many cases there was up to four interested parties bidding at once.

Primaries livestock area representative and sale organiser Brenton Tyson, Duranillin, was very pleased with the sale result.

"The ewes were in good condition and sold particularly well," Brenton said.

"Given the condition of the lambs, they also sold well, and overall the prices achieved today were above expectation.

"If the result of this sale is anything to go by, the second sale in two week's time should also be strong.

"Today in many cases there was a keen local interest, with three to four bidders on each line and this was great to see."

After competitive bidding from both sides of the yards the $60.50 top price line of 305 February shorn 3.5yo well-grown ewes were knocked down to David Pover, who was bidding on behalf of Neil and Debra Martin, Collie.

Mr Pover said the Martins had recognised the good bloodlines and genetics of the sheep, built up over a long period of time by the Honey family.

"It is not very often that the opportunity comes along to purchase quality sheep and the Martins recognised this and were keen to get their hands on some of the Lentara sheep," Mr Pover said.

The only other line of mature ewes to be offered in the sale, a draft of 300 1.5yo February shorn ewes were knocked down to Rosewood farm manager Hoss Sibbes, McAlinden, for $54.50.

Mr Sibbes said he was at the sale determined to buy a line of the Lentara sheep, as they had been neighbours for years.

Both lines of mature ewes had been mated to Merino rams and are due to lamb from July 1.

The large yarding of the Merinotech bred, February shorn, July/August drop lambs also attracted solid interest, with wether lambs selling to a top of $47 and ewe lambs to a top of $39.50.

The $47 top price line of 443 wether lambs were bought by Don Taylor, D & L Taylor, Bridgetown, while the second draft of 487 wether lambs sold for $43 to Kirup producers WJ & JN Ringe.

The two pens of ewes lambs led the sale with the $39.50 top price pen of 468 ewe lambs being knocked down to local producers John Fortune & Co, Boyup Brook.

The Fortune family also secured the second draft of 462 ewe lambs for $35.50.

Primaries Katanning agent Wayne Fuchsbichler, buying on behalf of Mick Deering, Robindeer Farming, Ongerup, secured both lines of mixed sex cross bred lambs to fatten, paying $53.50 for the first draft of 414 and $45 for the second pen of 413, among strong competition from other buyers.



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