Brookton wethers fetch $66

26 Feb, 2003 10:00 PM

PRIMARIES held a highly successful sheep sale at Brookton last week, attracting a large crowd of bidders, which resulted in 2.5-year-old Warranine Park blood wethers selling to a top of $66.

The top-priced line of 112 January shorn wethers, which sold to Murdoch University, was a part of Rob and Karen Langley's dispersal sale.

The second top-priced pen of 267 1.5yo wethers sold to JD McKinly, Moora, for $65.50 and the same buyers bought 303 1.5yo wethers for $58, while Emmanuel Exports bought 277 2.5yo wethers for $64.

Warranine Park blood 3.5-year-old ewes, also offered by the Langleys, which had been pastured with rams in December, sold for a top price among the ewes of $65.

These volume vendors also sold 377 2.5yo ewes, which had been pastured with rams in December, to local West Brookton clients, AT & K Clarke, for $60.50.

Rob and Karen, who have been farming in Brookton since the 1960s and had recently leased out their farm, were very pleased with the result of their flock dispersal, saying it easily met their expectations.

Primaries auctioneer, Ian Hunter, said rain earlier in the week had encouraged the large attendance of 100 bidders and strong competition which resulted in total clearance to solid prices.

"The sheep were in exceptional condition for the season and made more than expected," he said.

The Langley's 443 4.5yo ewes sold to RL & PJ Copping, Brookton, for $56.50 before the same bidders purchased 159 4.5yo ewes from the Davis family for $53.50.

Primaries Kojonup agent, Peter Sheridan, bought 357 5.5yo Warranine park blood ewes on behalf of AM Wright & Co, Mount Barker, for $53.

Ron Page, Pingelly, bought 450 1.5yo Warranine blood ewes for $51.50 while Moorlup Nominees bought 139 of the same type for $29.50.

Terry Davis, Corrigin, had similar success with his Stanley Hill blood ewes, selling a pen of 134 2.5yo January shorn ewes, which had been running with rams in mid-December, to Dardin Agri Holdings, Williams, for $58.

October-November shorn 18.5-micron ewes, offered by J Hughes, which were joined with AMS rams in January sold to G & J Bornt, Bindoon, for $46.

The same buyers also bought 113 5.5yo Stanley Hill blood ewes from TM & ME Davis, for $46.50.

Terry Davis said he was very pleased with the sale of his sheep, which was largely due to the groundwork undertaken by Primaries and the many buyers present.

Quairading vendor, Alan Gelmi, sold 238 January shorn mixed age ewes to NR & MS Gooch, Beverley, for $38 and 324 wether lambs to Brooklands Park Pastoral Co, Pingelly for $46.

June-July drop January shorn wether lambs, offered by RJ & KJ Langley, sold to AT & MT Pauley, Pingelly, for $45.

Five South Suffolk rams made $70 selling to S & A Lewis, Bindi Bindi.



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