Business as usual for Proudloves in final year on farm

24 Sep, 2003 10:00 PM

THREE generations of the Proudlove family were in attendance at the Fleming Grove ram sale in Gibson last week to watch father and grandfather Garth Proudlove buy rams for his final year on the family farm.

Mr Proudlove said that for the moment, it is business as usual until the farm is taken over by new owners in 2004.

Proudlove Downs ‹ as the family trades ‹ purchased two rams, the second and third top priced rams, paying $1600 and $1550 respectively.

In their last year on the farm, the Proudloves are continuing to breed for commercial purposes and believe that the final mating of their rams will add to the sale value when they hold their clearing sale next year.

The Proudloves currently run 1200 Merino ewes on their Mt Madden property.

The newly purchased Fleming Grove rams will be used over the maiden ewes to produce the big framed, bulky sheep with soft rolling wools that the Proudloves like about the stud's rams.

The Proudloves have been pleased with the rams they have purchased from Fleming Grove and for the past four seasons they have bought close to the top price at the stud's on-property sale.

Mr Proudlove can, and always has, seen the strength in the Merino industry.

"It is a good combination of wether lambs and wool," he said.

"You cut the kilos and you put it in the bale, it's as simple as that."

Ironically in an era that is ending for the Proudloves, the two rams that they purchased at the Fleming Grove sale were two blue tagged rams from what the stud is calling their new era in genetics.

Fleming Grove co-prinicpal Peter Lewis said that the blue tags represent the stud's Genesis family, which is a new line from semen purchased from Terrick West, SA.

Although the Proudloves can't see themselves fully retiring, they hope to help their daughter when she needs a hand at her property and are planning to travel and visiting family in the eastern states.


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