Calcaling pays $6000 for Leahcim ram

25 Sep, 2002 10:00 PM

A TOP of $6000 paid by Calcaling Farms, Mukinbudin, was the highlight of a very strong Poll Merino ram sale at Leahcim, Snowtown, SA, last week.

The sale was a success on all accounts for Leachim's Andrew and Rosemary Michael, boasting an average of $1758.

Of the 80 rams offered, 71 sold to gross $124,000, paid mostly by repeat buyers, including the new owners of the top ram, Sandie and Athol Ventris, Calcaling Farms, Mukinbudin.

Athol said he had inspected the ram before the sale with Calcaling consultant Ben Duxson.

"We were impressed with his quality carcase and his wool type which has excellent density and length, evidenced in his super soft bundly wool," Athol said.

Leahcim 182 weighed 74.6kg, with a micron of 19.7M and CV of 13.8.

"We intend to test mate him to Leahcim 324 daughters this year."

Calcaling bought 324 from Leahcim in 1999 for $18,500 and say he is breeding well producing long, soft wool off an excellent frame.

In fact 70pc of this year's Calcaling sale team were by him.

"We believe 182 to be of equal quality from a different family we have been following at Leahcim and at $6000 we consider him a cheap ram," Athol said.

Losing bidder on 182 was the Kelvale stud, SA.

Mr Michael said he was ecstatic about the sale and the strong SA and national attendance, saying it was vindication of his 10 years' work with Soft Rolling Skins pioneer Jim Watts.

A large part of that work had focused on achieving meat carcase traits in Poll Merinos, while improving wool cut.

The great majority of buyers were commercial rather than stud breeders, and this showed buyers realised the commercial value of incorporating wool and meat traits in their flocks, Mr Michael said.


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