Damara sheepyard forums for WA

30 May, 2001 10:00 PM

THE Damara Sheep Company, on behalf of the Damara Breeders Group, is currently conducting a series of informal sheepyard discussion groups throughout WA.

This forum for discussion and exchange of knowledge and market information is proving to be very valuable to Damara producers.

Damara Sheep Company (DSC) principal Neil Garnett, who recently announced an Australia-wide restructure of the group, said the Damara Breeders Group has encouraged strong commercial development towards a more viable industry.

"The improved structure sees the grouping of the original Breeders and Growers group to be known as the Damara Breeders Group (DBG).

"Membership of the DBG is open to all Damara sheep producers in the country."

The founding members of the DBG are justifiably proud of its record and achievements during the last three years.

The group was instrumental in the introduction of the Damara Fat Tail breed to Australia and has remained at the cutting edge of the breeds development since then.

The DSC, with the assistance of the DBG, has introduced unique marketing, quality and management systems in the development of the industry and takes much of the credit for the unprecedented demand and development of export markets for the new sheep breed.

The DSC has travelled extensively in its efforts to establish long-term commercial meat markets (some exclusive to the DSC) in the Middle East, Palestine and Japan.

Mr Garnett said the international market for sheep meat is more discerning than ever and producers must be able to provide a consistent supply of a quality product to maintain a good price in the long term.

"In marked contrast to many purchasers of sheep for export, the DBG works independently and exclusively for the producer to obtain the best possible price per head for the long term," he said.

The DSC is responsible for introducing both standard prices and peak season prices for up to four months of the year.

They have negotiated payment on a per head or a per kilogram basis with a substantial bonus being paid for F2/F3 rams.

Minimum prices for F1 rams are $55 per head, up to $67 per head for a 50kg liveweight consignment during peak periods. Minimum prices for F2/F3 rams are $61.60 per head, up to $75 per head for a 50kg liveweight consignment during peak periods.


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