Dee Jay PD rams

26 Sep, 2001 10:00 PM


HIGH lamb prices, quality rams and spirited bidding between regular clients at the annual Dee Jay Poll Dorset and Finn sale resulted in prices reaching $580 twice, up $150 on last year.

It was yet again another highly successful sale for the Handscombe family with a 96pc clearance rate under the hammer and the five passed in rams quickly being snapped up after the sale.

It was not only the top price that was higher but the average was also up an impressive $60 on last year.

Don Handscombe, Dee Jay stud, was very happy with the result.

"It was a very good sale for us considering these rams nearly all went to market a few months back, as I didn't think there would be demand because of the season," Mr Handscombe.

Wesfarmers Landmark auctioneer John Wirth was also impressed by the sale result, saying the total clearance of rams and the average being up $60 were very pleasing for his company and the vendor.

Both the $580 top price rams were bought by regular Dee Jay clients JD & RW O'Brien, Walkaway.

The rams were weighed and measured in the middle of August, with the two top price rams coming in at 109kg and 104.5kg, with back fat measurements of 7mm and 5mm and eye muscle areas of 44mm and 39mm respectively.

Ross O'Brien said they had been regular clients to the Dee Jay stud for seven years and continued to return because they were happy with the weights they were getting with their lambs.

"The thing that impressed us the most about these rams was the size and the length of them," Mr O'Brien said.

And with the help of Graham Densley, Primaries Geraldton, the O'Briens, who produce around 1500 lambs a year, secured another five sires paying $420 and $410 for their second and third choices.

Once again KL & JM Bagley, Mingenew, were big supporters of the sale buying 11 quality sires at an average of $444, featuring a top of $530, as well as prices of $490 (twice), $460 (twice) and $430.

The $530 ram weighed 100.5kg and had measurements of 5mm for back fat and 44mm for eye muscle area.

The biggest buyer on the day with a team of 15 rams was Graham Densley, Primaries Geraldton, who was buying for Banyanda Farm, Walkaway, with prices that included a top of $390 (twice), $380 (four times) and $360 (three times), giving an average of $349.

Mr Densley also put together a team of 12 Poll Dorset sires for Mike Ackland, Badgingarra at an average of $287.

GW Boyle, York, bought an even team of seven PDs, to a top of $490 and an average of $416, while Veitch Partners, York secured a team of seven sires to an average of $337.

Beverley buyers PH Smith & Co were also successful in their pursuit of securing a quality team buying seven PD rams at an average of $320.

The small offering of Finn rams also sold well with Hawksley Farms paying the top price of $520 for one of the four Canadian Finns on offer.

The most successful buyer of Finn rams however was Philip Trent, Mt Barker, who secured five sires for $400 (four times) and $350.



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