Esperance forum gets lowdown on cattle

26 Sep, 2009 02:00 AM

MEAT and Livestock Australia (MLA) and the Agriculture and Food Department recently held a Profitable Cattle Grazing forum at the Esperance Civic Centre with cattle producers coming from surrounding districts to hear speakers.

The purpose of the day was to focus on increasing turnoff (kg of liveweight per hectare), highlighting the importance of productivity and how it affected profitability, and hearing from local producers about their experiences in trying to increase turnoff through changing grazing management.

The informative day kicked off with Agriculture and Food Department development officer Matt Ryan, who spoke on the background into production and profit drivers.

Esperance research and economist Harvey Jones then touched on calculating cost of production with the use of the cost of production calculator (CoP).

Mr Ryan said by the end of the day he wanted all producers in the room to do one thing.

"When talking about beef productivity think kilograms per hectare of liveweight or kg/ha/mm rainfall of liveweight, not DSE," Mr Ryan said.


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