Eungai rams fetch $2700

26 Sep, 2001 10:00 PM

"RED hot and ripper" were just some of the words being used to describe Eungai's on-property ram sale last week at Miling where prices peaked at $2700 on three occasions.

But the most impressive side of the sale was the 93pc clearance rate of the 90 rams at an average of $853 up an impressive $182 on last year's result.

The positive result is a reflection of the new path the stud is taking in their selection program, with this year's sale team having an average micron of 19.8, 2.5 microns finer than last year and buyers appreciated the improvement and the effort the stud is making.

Elders Breeding Services auctioneer Kim McDougall said it was a very satisfying result.

"It was apparent that the stud's clients recognised the qualities and the virtues of the Eungai sheep and where prepared to back their judgement with their hip pocket at the sale," Mr McDougall said.

"The sale result continues to follow the trend of sales already conducted this year and reflects the steps taken by the stud to improve their wool quality."

It was not only the agents who were over the moon but the McLagan family were also extremely happy.

Eungai co-studmaster James McLagan said he super pleased with the sale result and the new direction the stud is taking in regards to its breeding program, under the guidance of classer Courtney Wheatley.

"The steps we have taken over the last few years in our breeding program were evident today and it was great to see our old clients continuing to support us and coming back," Mr McLagan said.

The top price of $2700 was paid on three occasions by long serving Eungai clients.

Terry Martin, Miling, got the ball rolling with the help of Kevin Broad, Elders Breeding Services, when they secured the first ram in the offering for the $2700 top.

The 20.5 micron 99.7pc comfort factor ram had the body to suit and carried a long soft well-defined fleece.

Mr Martin secured a second ram with stylish wool and nourishment that measured 19.6 microns and 99.6pc comfort factor for $2700 as well.

Mr Martin who breeds his own rams will use the rams in his nucleus flock of about 300 ewes.

Kevin Broad who classes for Mr Martin said they were chasing the better wool genetics at the sale and they believed these two rams were the best wooled rams in the line-up.

The third of the $2700 top price rams was bought by Robbie Craven, RC & DA Craven, Dandaragan.

Mr Craven a regular client at Eungai for 22 years said the ram was a long fine wooled ram that would be used amongst the 800 breeding ewes he runs.

He was a long, white, stylish soft wool ram with plenty of stretch and had outstanding test results of 20 microns, 99.8pc comfort factor and an impressive CV of 14.9pc.

Regular supporter of the Eungai sale Keith Camac, Carnamah, put together a handy team of 25 Eungai rams at an average of $1058.

Included in the team were two rams for $2300 that had microns of 18.5 and 21.5 and comfort factors of 99.8pc and 99.5pc, as well as two rams for $2200 which were both long bodied rams and carried soft handling long white wool.

Mr Camac also secured the top and second top price Poll Merino rams in the sale for $1350 and $1000.

The top price Poll ram was free growing type that carried a long soft white fleece which measured 20.6 microns and 99.3pc comfort factor.

First time buyers at the Eungai sale Messina Nominees, Spring Park Merino stud, Mullewa, must have been impressed with what they saw as they secured three rams for $1950, $1800 and $950.

The $1950 ram was a free growing long white wooled ram that had test results of 20.2 microns and 99.8pc comfort factor.

Inkin Pty Ltd, Mingenew, continued to support the McLagan family taking home a team of five, including a 18.7 micron and 99.7pc comfort factor ram for $2100 and a rich wooled 19.3 micron 99.8pc comfort factor ram for $1800.

Other major buyers and return clients included Bricky Georgy, Kinada, Bindi Bindi (six to $850); Nucor Farms, Coorow, (five to $900); G & A Barns, Wubin (10 to $550) and SG Seymour & Co, Miling (7 to $400).



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