Ewes to $61 at Narngulu

30 Oct, 2002 10:00 PM

IT was down to business from the start at last week's Elders ewe sale, Narngulu with the first lot of 289 1.5yo August shorn ewes producing the sale top at $61.

The Lewisdale bloodline pens went to KJ Allen and Co, Geraldton and set the tone for early lots which auctioneer Kelvin Hancey described as "better well grown ewes".

"There was strong local support as expected for these type of sheep and they represented good buying," he said.

"It was obvious the drier conditions in eastern districts impacted on sheep offered from those areas but values were still firm."

This was evidenced with two pens of 119 shorn cfa ewes meeting $37 and 308 September shorn cfa ewes making $32.

KL and JN Bagley, Mingenew won out at $58 for 133 July-shorn 1.5yo ewes from Chris Gillam Farms, Dongara while Parkfield Farms, Geraldton secured two lines of Grange bloodline 1.5yo ewes.

The first pen of 70 shorn went from an opening bid of $50 to $56.50 while the second pen of 29 August shorn were taken at $54.

Elders Mingenew, buying for two clients, picked up a mixed selection of four lines paying $48 for 50 shorn 2.5yo ewes; $45.50 for 80 August shorn 5.5yo ewes; $44.50 for 59 July shorn 5.5yo ewes and $43.50 for 54 June-July shorn 2.5yo ewes.

Moonyoonooka producers Vince and Paul O'Brien came in for two lines and were successful with both bids of $42.50 for 58 August shorn 2.5yo ewes and $37 for 45 September shorn 3.5yo ewes.

Elders Northampton came in late in the sale to secure 273 shorn wether lambs (Jaloran bloodline) at $38.80 for a Binnu client while local concern RL and H Finch picked up 91 August shorn 1.5yo ewes for $44.


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