Flemming Grove average to $485

26 Sep, 2001 10:00 PM

The best selection of rams ever put up for auction by Flemming Grove Poll Merino stud ensured a total clearance of all lots offered and a jump in average to $485 at the Wesfarmers Landmark on farm sale last week.

Top price reached $900.

Studmaster Peter Lewis was very happy with the auction saying that the solid bidding throughout showed the evenness of the stock quality on offer.

He was also pleased with the range of buyers present, who came from the Esperance coastal areas through to Ravensthorpe and even Wickepin.

The crowd bid enthusiastically throughout the auction for the 80 rams offered yielding an average price of $485.

This was an increase on last year's average price where the 50 lots on offer averaged $420.

Wesfarmers Landmark representative Frank Miles purchased the highest priced ram of the day on behalf of Proudlove Downs of Ravensthorpe.

Frank said that the ram had been selected because of the locky, deep crimped elite characteristics of its 20.72micron wool.

The $900 ram, with its large frame and 98.8 percent comfort factor, was a good match with the Flemming Grove ram Proudlove Downs purchased the previous week at the Esperance Stud Merino sale.

Tim and Cathy March of Esperance were the most prolific buyers at the auction successfully bidding on 30 of the large bodied, medium micron rams to run with their merino ewes.

Being a traditional sheep farmer Tim said he was looking for rams that were duel purpose and good value.

The Flemming Grove rams provided him with good cutting high quality medium micron wool while still maintaining large framed sheep to maximise his returns in the meat market.

Brendan and Daniel Freeman of Grass Patch Farms, also traditional sheep farmers, purchased 14 rams at the Flemming Grove sale as well as one at the Esperance Stud Merino sale.

Brendan, who has been purchasing the same bloodline for 35 years, said this year's selection was as good as ever.

His 2300 breeding ewes, with an average micron of 21, and a wool cut averaging 7 kilograms were testimony to the performance of the rams.

Loyal Flemming Grove buyer Peter Piercey was impressed with the long white wool on the eight rams he purchased at the sale.

Peter, whose preference is for 20 to 21 micron rams, said the rams displayed were very even while the prices were lower than expected.

Auctioneer Neil Brindley of Wesfarmers Landmark Esperance was delighted with the total clearance and average price at the Flemming Grove sale.

With an extra 30 rams on offer this year and the average price up by $65 over last year's the results were excellent.

"The heavy cutting long stapled white wool on these large framed duel purpose sheep made them ideal for Esperance conditions," Mr Brindley said.



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