Hyfield Jaloran rams in demand

27 Aug, 2003 10:00 PM

LAST week's WA Merino Week held a number of highlights for a number of studs, and one stud that was very happy with the week was Hyfield Jaloran.

They had an excellent on-property field day last Tuesday selling four rams privately.

One Jaloran ram was sold for $7000 to Calingiri-based stud Big Springs, run by Doug and Stuart King.

Long time buyers and supporters of the Jaloran stud, the Kings saw the stud reserve on the field days and liked him enough to make an offer, which was accepted by Hyfield Jaloran stud master Kevin Keatley.

Hyfield Jaloran consultant Bert Hamersley said the Kings were impressed with the rams wool quality and conformation.

"He has tremendous wool, a good head and plenty of body length," he said.

Also buying privately on the field day was a third generation Jaloran client John Wallace, Wagin.

Through his classer Hugh Warden, John bought a stud reserve for $5000, while another Jaloran ram sold for $3000 and a Hyfield Merino ram also sold for $3000 to cap off a good day for the stud.


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