Monte Verde rams to $2050

30 Oct, 2002 10:00 PM

KENDENUP'S Monte Verde Merino rams provided a stylish finish to the WA Merino ram selling season on Monday.

The 100 rams offered were sold in a sale which reached a top price of $2050 for the showing of high comfort factor fine wool rams.

The excellent clearance of 100pc was up to 50pc above the corresponding 2001 sale.

The average price increased slightly above 2001 values despite the far greater number sold.

Monte Verde achieved outstanding results in the Crossman wether trial published in March 2002 - the August drop hoggets cut the highest 6.44kg fleeces and tested 18.3 micron. A 16.3 micron fleece weighed 7.7kg and was valued at $117.

It was Mt Barker commercial woolgrowers EV & I Taylor who paid top price $2050 for a ram sired by Bindawarra 471.

The ram tested at 19.8 micron and with a 99.8 comfort factor.

EV & I Taylor's hoggets have performed exceptionally well in past Mt Barker hogget competitions.

Colin Taylor, buying for EV & I Taylor had made his selections known early, paying $1750 for Lot 4, $800 for Lot 6 and $2050 for Lot 8, and $1200 and $950.

Other good sales were: Wardjohn, Jurien, who went to $1000 and higher for seven rams to average $841 for 16 rams while paying $1800 for his top buy, a ram tested at 18.7 micron and a 99.9 comfort factor.

Rodney Ward, trading as Wardjohn, had bought the top priced $2300 ram at Monte Verde's 2001 sale, a stud he's been buying from since 1988.

"Their softness and bulk of wool appeals,' he said.


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