Mordallup PD sells for $1200

27 Nov, 2002 10:00 PM

A BIDDING dual at the Bridgetown British Breed ram sale resulted in Brad Ipsen, Twin Lakes, Manjimup, taking the top priced ram when John Wirth, Wesfarmers Landmark auctioneer, Perth, knocked down a Poll Dorset ram from GD Muir & Co's Mordallup stud for $1200.

Brad Ipsen, who had already bought a Mordallup ram for $800, was content to limit his purchases to the two top sires, but there were plenty of bidders left to maintain the pace throughout the sale.

The sale, conducted by Wesfarmers Landmark in conjunction with the annual Bridgetown show, saw a quality lineup of prime lamb sires, with Poll Dorsets from BA Mottram, Annaleaka stud, Manjimup, PR & SJ Samwell, Ironstone Ridge, Bridgetown, GD Muir & Co, Mordallup, Manjimup and Yenmore Grazing Co, Tenterden.

Texels were offered by JR & JM Glover, Jim Jam, Boyup Brook, Suffolks from Highland Park, Harvey, a White Suffolk from Yenmor Grazing Co, Tenterden, as well as a line of Dorper rams from Bridgetown Dorper stud.

Interest was very keen in the traditional prime lamb sires, with 91 rams from four studs and seven breeds achieving a 100pc clearance for an overall average of $731, although the more exotic Dorpers failed to sell.

The 46 Poll Dorsets on offer from the Mordallup stud had a great depth of quality for, apart from the top price of $1200, two more sires made $840, another four went for $820, while a total of 18 sold for $800, giving an overall average of $804.

J Ritikis & Son, Boyup Brook, was the big buyer of Mordallup rams, taking a total of 14 for an average of $797 with prices that included two at $840, six at $800 and another half dozen for $780.

Yenmore Grazing Co had two Poll Dorsets on offer and both sold to HR & PA Brookes, with the same vendor offering the only White Suffolk of the day, a ram that sold to the same buyer for $740.

The 10 Texels offered by the Jim Jam stud also sold well, with the top price of $780 being paid for four rams by two buyers, with IB & JE Ward, Bridgetown, also taking three for $720, while LE Brookes also took one ram at $720, with CE Baldock taking another pair for $760.

Ironstone Ridge had half a dozen Poll Dorsets offered, with AA Ryall & Co taking the top pair for $740, Elders Bunbury paid $700 for another two, while Wardell-Johnston bought the remaining pair for $680.

Annaleaka had a total of 18 Poll Dorsets offered at Bridgetown, with the top price of $720 being paid by Murray Muir & Co for four rams, Elders Bunbury took half a dozen for $680, $660 and $640, while J Ritikis & Son paid $680 and $640 for another four.

Highland Park offered eight Suffolk rams at Bridgetown, with Elders Bunbury taking four at the top price of $460, with $440 being paid by RE & MP Lawrence for two and by Terry Waters, Bridgetown, for a single ram.

"Absolutely brilliant sale" was how John Wirth, Wesfarmers Landmark auctioneer and British Breeds specialist, described the Bridgetown sale, the last British Breed ram sale of the season.

"The season has been great and prime lamb sales are as good as I can remember, the quality was exceptional and the only complaint was that we didn't have enough rams for sale".



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