Pakistan sheep no reason to close trade: Joyce

09 Oct, 2012 02:00 AM
Barnaby Joyce.
Barnaby Joyce.

QLD Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce has weighed into the controversy surrounding the fate of 10,000 Australian sheep stranded in Pakistan, saying the isolated actions of a certain group in a certain country, should not be used as a mechanism to shut down the live animal trade.

Speaking to Fairfax Agricultural Media, Senator Joyce rejected claims by the Australian Greens, and mirrored by animal rights groups such as Animals Australia and the RSPCA, that the live export trade should end.

He said live animal exports was a major trade of significance to regional Australia which also enhances bilateral relations with Australia’s near neighbours, like Indonesia.

Senator Joyce said if something went wrong within the trade’s processes, then that process must be fixed.

“You don’t just close everything down because there’s something wrong with the process,” he said.

Senator Joyce also criticised Federal Agriculture Minister Joe Ludwig saying he wasn’t doing enough to protect Australia’s interests in key live export markets and ensure the trade’s future viability.

“He hasn’t yet flown to Pakistan to fix things up. He seems to be terrified of doing anything.”

Senator Joyce said the government should have sent diplomatic officials to Pakistan immediately to stay within 10 feet of the sheep, camp there and hold diplomatic discussions with trade officials to ensure the issue was hastily resolved.

Minister Ludwig dismissed Senator Joyce’s statements as the “same old aggressive negativity”.

“The live export trade has a bright future because of the actions taken by this Gillard Government,” he said.

“With the cooperation of industry, we've improved animal welfare standards and strengthened the trade.

“Those improved standards and the system now in place, is the reason this trade can stand up against calls for it to be banned.”

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9/10/2012 7:08:24 AM

Flying to Pakistan to do anything i would see as a positive Joe not a negative .Getting on the front foot and wanting a proactive response is not aggression but frustration .
uncivilised industry
9/10/2012 8:14:57 AM

Trying to civilize some people is such a waste of time. Carry on industry- all you are succeeding at is turning people against you.
Paul Wilson
9/10/2012 9:54:11 AM

@uncivilised - if Aus was to stop live export, what do you think would happen to other animals in the markets without Aus industry involvement? Without Aussie expertise, do you deny that animal treatment might get worse? you might then call other countries 'uncivilised' and cause further riots in Aus. But then, it seems you all don't really care about world wide animal welfare, only about your own backyard.
Get Real
9/10/2012 10:43:15 AM

Paul Wilson, Australia can still be involved to improve animal welfare conditions in other countries even if live export is banned. But this process will take many years, in the meantime our animals should not be subject to treatment that would be illegal here. Live export needs to be banned.
Orlando Browning
9/10/2012 12:07:16 PM

WOW!!! Barnaby Joyce, and Joe Ludwig...not an original thought in your collective heads. Ludwig, thinks the Live Export industry "..has a bright future..." Barnaby thinks, "the isolated actions of a certain group in a certain country, should not be used as a mechanism to shut down the live animal trade. " Over thirty years of animal cruelty, is NOT an isolated incident, and Joe over 80% of Australians want the Live Export Industry closed. It does NOT have a future. Joe and Barnaby, you are supporting your mates who have vested interests in the trade. You are political puppets!!!
9/10/2012 12:12:19 PM

Get real if we ban live exports what do these 3rd world countries do for food. They have no refrigeration so we can't send them frozen meat.They need live animals for fresh meat. Lets ban live export and condemn them to starvation or protein shortages.
Paul Wilson
9/10/2012 12:38:43 PM

Get Real, do you really think Aus can have an effective influence in a market and industry it suddenly isn't involved in? It would end up being like me reading some books on mining, then with no experience going to a mine and telling them how to run it. I wouldn't even be allowed on site! At least at the moment Aussies practice what is preached.
9/10/2012 12:40:08 PM

Get Real - I dont think so -banning Live Export negates the positive influence Australia can contribute.
Jen from the bush
9/10/2012 1:35:07 PM

cont -people also have changed their mind as they have realize a country can't go around slapping another country's face with out grave consequences. Especially a Muslim country. Anyone with half a brain can see that. b. I have grave doubts on the reliability of the 80% to start with as LE ban fans probably voted numerous times - just look at latest poll going around where a person can vote as many times as they want to.
Paul Wilson
9/10/2012 1:45:41 PM

Orlando, I've always wondered about this 80% and which demographic it represents. surely it can't be representative of the Aussie population. And as for '30 years of animal cruelty'... I could say there's been 100 years of cruelty to pet dogs and cats, but I don't demand that people can no longer have a pet.
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