Parakeelya tops $2050

26 Sep, 2001 10:00 PM

TOUGH seasonal conditions did not stop Parakeelya Stud producing quality rams for their annual Merino and Poll Merino ram sale, held last week.

Eclipsing last year's top price by a whopping $500, Parakeelya's most sought after ram achieved an impressive $2050 at this year's auction.

Overall average prices also jumped, improving $56 to reach a solid $693, while clearance rates went up by 5pc to almost 90pc, with a total clearance of Poll Merinos offered.

Successfully snapping up the top ram, was Cadoux-based Alanvale Pastoral Company principal Peter Henning, who also bought another ram at $925.

Strong bidding at the opening of the sale pushed Merino rams to a top of $1750, which was the second top-priced ram on the day.

The ram was sold to CA and DA Tilbrook from Yorkrakine, who had obviously come looking for quality Merinos, paying $1550 for the second highest priced Merino and $900 for one other ram.

Wesfarmers Landmark auctioneer Denis Roberts said it was not surprising the "very even team" produced by Parakeelya attracted strong support from regulars as well as newcomers from outside the Beacon area, describing them as "soft white woolled rams with very good staple length".

Dominating the middle of sale was the PC and CM Booth, who collected a total of nine rams to a top of $800, Wylcatchum-based GL Mullins, who bought five rams, and BR and RD Whyte, Beacon, who picked up six.

L and M Mullins added contest to the tale end of the sale, buying five Poll Merinos and two Merino rams.

Beacon locals DM and GJ Schemeld bid solidly all day to take home eight rams, paying an average of $522 and top of $900, as did fellow locals WL and P Poole, who bought six rams at a top of $900.

Mr Roberts said the results were outstanding for the Dunne family.

"Given the seasonal conditions in Beacon, the rams were presented in excellent condition with very little hand feeding," he said.


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