Quality ewes fetch $58

30 Oct, 2002 10:00 PM

TWO standout pens of 1.5yo September-shorn ewes underpinned a solid sale at Wesfarmers Landmark's Narngulu sheep sale last week, with values topping $58.

The top three pens of 218 and the following three pens of 251, which attracted $57, were snapped up by Wesfarmers Northampton on behalf of an undisclosed client.

Both lots produced spirited bidding with auctioneer Kevin Stone having no trouble in getting bidding underway with respective openings of $50 and $47.

He urged buyers to "get in now" to secure breeding ewes.

"They will be very scarce in the next two years," he said. "These are well grown sheep with good medium wool and they're hard to find."

Mr Stone said the strong bidding reflected the demand and the positive tone among farmers planning breeding programs.

"It has been a difficult year but the sheep presented very well and I think sold above expectations."

Wesfarmers Northampton also took the bidding honours, again for undisclosed clients, at $50 for 56 1.5yo September shorn ewes and $50.40 for a line of 133 5.5yo ewes.

Mingenew concern GJ and RJ Spencer took home the third highest priced lot comprising 185 1.5yo September shorn ewes holding out to $54, while Walkaway farmer Derek Levett gained the first lot of 335 1.5yo September shorn ewes for $50.50 after spirited bidding which started at $40.

North Farming, Badgingarra gained the nod at $52 for 106 mixed sex cross-bred lambs and followed up immediately with a winning bid of $45.80 for 133 wether lambs.

Dongara enterprise AG McCreery entered the fray at the 18th pen with a successful bid of $43.80 for 45 1.5yo ewes and four pens later came back with successive successful bids of $38.20 and $35.40 respectively for 192 5.5yo ewes and 69 2.5-4.5yo ewes.


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