Quintarra SAMMs reach $1000

26 Sep, 2001 10:00 PM

THE excellent quality of rams presented at the Elders Esperance Prime Lamb Sire Sale held last week ensured the total clearance of all lots offered.

A large crowd attended the second annual sale showing enthusiastic interest in the SAMM, White Suffolk, Poll Dorset and Texel rams.

Elders manager Peter Storch said: "It was a very solid sale with 100% clearance and many previous buyers back in attendance."

He also congratulated the vendors on the high quality of rams presented.

Quintarra's two stud prime SAMM rams topped the auction at $1000 each after two very vigorous rounds of bidding.

Phil Demden one of the successful bidders, said he was very impressed with the SAMM ram, which he purchased for its large size and 21 to 22 micron white wool type.

The other top priced ram buyer was Doug Mellor of Aroona who will use the ram he purchased to breed flocks sires from a small nucleus flock.

Todd Quinlivin, one of Quintarra's stud's principals, said he was very happy with the interest in and demand for the ten SAMM rams offered at the sale.

With an outstanding average price of $915 achieved it was clear that these sires, whose progeny have recently sold for up to $120 a head, were in strong demand.

More SAMM rams of similar quality will be available at Quintarra's on-farm auction next week.

The largest offering of rams was from Kuloomba who specially selected 45 white Suffolk rams for the Esperance sale.

Stud principal Anthony McDonald, one of the largest prime lamb ram producers in the Esperance area, said he was very happy with the sale results.

His average price of $537 was an increase on last year's reflecting the current lift in the lamb market.

Thirty more rams of similar quality are still available to be purchased by private selection.

John Wallace of Wallbrook Farms, a repeat buyer of Kuloomba rams, secured 13 at the sale for an average price of $512.

With his sucker lambs selling from 14 weeks old and averaging over $60 a head John said he was very happy with the Kuloomba genetics.

Michael Whiting, stud principal of Shepwok Downs, offered 20 white Suffolk rams at the sale that achieved an average price of a pleasing $400. This was a $125 increase on last year's average.

Michael said he was glad to see new clients buying his rams and, with the addition of a new sire purchased at last year's Adelaide show, was looking forward to putting together a good team of rams for next year.

Eight Poll Dorset rams offered by newly re-registered Monjingup stud produced a very satisfying average price of $368.75.

Stud principal Wes Graham said he preferred the Dorset rams, one of the original English breeds introduced to Australia, because of their proven ability to always finish.

Robin Scott, stud principal of Erinair Pastoral Co, said he was very happy with the organisation of the sale and with the results he achieved for the five poll Dorset rams selected for the auction.

After an extremely dry spring and harsh summer at his property 73km west of Esperance he was pleased to achieve a $335 average for the sale.

An impressive selection of 15 Texel rams bred by Tanya Hill of Tanalan stud also sold well at the sale averaging $320.

Tanya is keen to promote more interest in the Texel breed and, with 15-week-old lambs selling this week for up to $93 and averaging almost $74, she feels the potential of the breed has yet to be fully appreciated.



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