Sheep prices near '62 levels

18 Dec, 2002 10:00 PM

RETIRED stock agent Jon Boyne has been part of WA's sheep industry for 53 years and remembers only one year when sheep prices were close to current levels.

It was in 1962 when he was based in Moora.

"I took a car-load of clients down to a sheep sale at Dumbleyung - back then they always had blue ribbon ewe sales - we paid 15 quid and we bought a train load," Jon said.

"It was a lot of money back then."

He remembers there were 28 carriages to a train and the trip for the sheep back Moora took about four days.

The sheep were off-loaded at Midland for food and water and then reloaded onto Midland Rail carriages than ran on a different gauge line to Moora.

"The good prices lasted only one year and three years later the blokes were still trying to shear their way out on them."

pRIGHT: Jon Boyne still enjoys getting out to sheep sales and was at the recent circuit sales in Darkan, Williams and Kojonup areas.


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