Sheep reliability valued at Duranillin

29 Oct, 2009 01:00 AM
Duranillin grower Stephen Abbott sees a bright future in sheep
Duranillin grower Stephen Abbott sees a bright future in sheep

DURANILLIN grower Stephen Abbott is putting his faith back in the future of sheep after grain prices took a tumble heading into this year's harvest, and show little sign of climbing higher over the short term.

Mr Abbott held a successful ram sale on his property earlier this month with almost 100 per cent clearance, and is buoyed by the continued improvement of the Dohne breed.

The Capercup Dohne stud principal said his plans for next season would see him dropping cropping areas out of his farming rotation, and making more room for sheep.

"Grain is expensive to grow and you are not guaranteed an income, but with sheep you always get some kind of return guaranteed," he said.

Overall, Mr Abbott's season is looking solid, but suffered from a wet winter.

"The crops don't look too bad, but it's the prices we are worried about," he said.

Mr Abbott is growing 80 hectares of canola this season, 130ha of wheat and 400ha of oats.

Normally he starts harvest around early December.

He is hoping for another rain to finish the crop off and said it would be nice to get another 20mm between now and harvest.

"We've forward sold some wheat, but not enough by the sound of it," he said.

"Prices are not going that well.

"We sell our oats for cash, and the rest of the canola and wheat will go into pools."


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