Strong SAMM demand leads Toodyay sale

23 Feb, 2001 10:00 PM

THE sale of 90 F1 SAMM ewes for $70 and a line of five SAMM stud rams for $425 was a highlight of a strong clearing sale at Toodyay last week.

Elders' Northam auctioneer Gerald Wetherall was faced with strong demand for the the SAMMs from local and outside buyers.

The top priced line of 90 2.5yo F1 Prime SAMM ewes which had been running with SAMM rams this breeding season sold for $70 to Philip Russell, Allure Prime SAMM stud, Broomehill.

Allure Prime SAMM stud also bought five 1.5yo SAMM rams for $180 and another line of 80 1.5yo F1 Prime SAMM ewes which had been running with SAMM rams for $62.

Mr Russell will run the SAMM ewes in his small commercial flock on his Broomehill property.

"I see them as a great alternative to the British Breed sheep, due to their doing ability, superior growth rates and their wool factor," Mr Russell said.

"The F1 ewes have great constitution and are hard to get at the moment."

Mr Russell believes the breed will have a great future, particularly in terms of meat production.

The top priced line of five 1.5yo SAMM rams was bought by RB Smart, Baillee Farm, Northam for, $425.

Mr Smart also bought another five 1.5yo SAMM rams for $290.

Two lines of F1 June/July drop SAMM ewe lambs were knocked down to TG & RC Sutherland, Badgingarra they paid $38.50 for the line of 319 lambs and $24.50 for the remaining line of 188 lambs.

The Stevenson family started their SAMM stud four years ago with ewes from Stan Dorman, Beverley and embyros from SAABCO.

A bidder from Upper Swan purchased seven lines of sheep at the sale on the day, including all the East Friesian lines and cross-bred and Meat Merino lambs.

The lines bought included: 205 1.5yo F1 East Friesian ewes (75 per cent lambing at 12 months) for $25; 120 F1 East Friesian ewe lambs for $23; six 1.5yo East Friesian rams for $20; three 1.5yo East Friesian rams for $15; three 2.5yo East Friesian rams for $15; 168 cross-bred and Meat Merino June/July drop lambs for $27.20 and 217 cross-bred and Meat Merino June/July drop lambs for $26.20.

The Suffolk sheep sold on the day were spread around a number of buyers.

The top priced line of five 2.5yo Suffolk rams were knocked down to MC & RE Taylor & Sons, Wannamal, for $105.

The Taylors also bought another line of four 1.5yo Suffolk rams for $100.

The Suffolk sheep sold on the day were Cheeryna and Nankeen Park based.

A line of five 1.5yo Suffolk rams sold to KR & KM Edmonds, Calingiri, for $100.

R Smyth, Southoban, York, purchased five 1.5yo Suffolk rams for $90.

Another successful bidder on the day was Barry Clarke, Bolgart, who five 1.5yo rams for $80 and five 1.5yo rams $50.

BJ Piggott, bought 5 1.5yo Suffolk rams for $40.

DA Kilpatrick & Co, Narrogin bought two lines of Suffolk stud ewes on the day including 11 4.5yo ewes for $31 and nine 2.5yo ewes for $25, both lines had been running with Suffolk rams.

A line of 10 1.5yo Suffolk ewes that had been running with Suffolk rams this breeding season were knocked down for $30 to BS Turner, Bakers Hill.

The final line of Suffolk stud ewes, which ranged in age from 3.5-5.5yo sold for $20 to TF Young & Co Calingiri.

A line of 580 mixed age ewes that had been running with Suffolk rams this breeding season went for $31 to AJ & SG Fowler, Miling.

There was also a lot of interest in the machinery lots at the clearing sale with over 280 registered buyers competing.

A near new 850T 6 ton Marshall multi-spreader topped the section when it sold for $15,000 to MC & BL Clarke, Bolgart.

A 753 28 run, 6 row tynes Chamberlain combine with prickle harrows offered for sale on the day sold for $11,800 to Teutonia Farms, Caversham.

Three tractors also sold on the day with Toodyay Machinery buying two of them.

The Toodyay business purchased a 4280 Chamberlain tractor with dual wheels for $6750 and a 4080 Chamberlain tractor FEL with grain bucket for $10,750.

A 4480 Chamberlain tractor with only 6200hrs on it sold to PT Collins & Sons, York, for $10,000.

TG Reynolds, Miling, was the successful bidder on a 18m Hardi boomspray for $5200.

"I am happy with the way the sheep sold particularly the SAMMs and the machinery in some cases sold beyond expectation which was very pleasing," vendor Greg Stevenson said after the sale.

The Stevensons plan to stay in the area for a time before taking on a new venture.

Elders auctioneer and sale organiser Gerald Wetherall was also pleased with the way the sale went, saying the livestock sold well and the prices were good for the time, particularly the meat merinos.

"The sale was well supported in both sections and the prices paid for the machinery reflected the optimism in the farming industry," Mr Wetherall said after the sale.



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