'Super sheep' from best genetic mix

31 Oct, 2012 07:09 AM
Gordon farmer Ernie Angrilli with one of his multi-coloured sheep.
Gordon farmer Ernie Angrilli with one of his multi-coloured sheep.

A CREATIVE Victorian farmer is on a special mission to create his own 'super sheep'.

Using six different breeds of sheep from all over the world, Ernie Angrilli is trying his hand at playing God to breed the perfect sheep.

On his 12-acre farm at Gordon, Victoria, Mr Angrilli is slowly edging closer to discovering the perfect genetic mix.

More than 50 sheep of all shapes and colours live together at the farm in harmony – and Mr Angrilli knows every single one of them individually.

“It all probably started about two years ago when I bought a South African sheep off a guy in South Australia,” he said.

From that point onwards, the small-time farmer has been mixing it up and is currently up to his third generation of sheep.

Speckled Persians from South Africa, Wiltshires from England, Finns from Scandinavia – they have all added their own bit of flavour in his current creation.

And with the right mix of sheep, and a bit of luck, Mr Angrilli thinks he is getting close to producing the perfect sheep.

“I reckon I am only about two generations short of finding the right mix,” he said.

“But you really have no idea what is going to pop out when they have lambs.

“That is half the fun of it, the surprise that comes with it when they give birth.

“It’s not like there are ever going to be truckloads of these sheep getting shipped around, they are probably more suited to the hobby farmer.”

Mr Angrilli plans to make the new breeds of sheep about three-quarters the size of normal sheep, with low-maintenance, good feet and good meat qualities. The only question left is what to call his wonder sheep once the perfect recipe has been found.

“I’m thinking of calling them Painted Gypsies at the moment, but am always open to suggestions,” he said.

  • For more information, contact Mr Angrilli on 0418 314 044.

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