WA Dohne breeders ban mulesing

26 Mar, 2008 12:02 PM

THE WA Dohne Breeders Association says its members have committed to cease mulesing immediately.

Beverley Dohne breeder Phil Gibbs, who has driven the move said he spoke to every Dohne stud breeder in WA during the weekend, getting commitments from all to support the move.

“A lot of them already aren’t mulesing and I have never mulesed in the seven years I have been breeding Dohnes,” he said.

“The general consensus was that we have to do it sooner or later so we may as well do it now.”

Mr Gibbs said it would only apply to stud sheep at this stage, but the association would work with commercial producers to help them also stop mulesing.

“This is the first step and the stud breeders have to start offering sheep resistant to fly strike so the commercial growers can avoid mulesing,” he said.

Mr Gibbs claims the Dohne is already resistant to strike because it had been selected for plain bodies for the past 70 years.

“The other thing is under our association rules, if a sheep is assessed and has been fly struck it is automatically culled,” he said.

“And by already selecting for plain bodies we have a lot of bare breech sheep and the association will now measure it and have an EBV for bare breech out by the end of the year.

“Because we have linkages between studs we will be able to identify those sheep or bloodlines that throw bare breech sheep quite quickly.”


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