Wether lambs make top of $34

23 Feb, 2001 10:00 PM

WETHER lambs sold to a peak of $34 to top the Wesfarmers Dagety clearing sale for AR & JR Green, Walkwaay.

The line of 210 wether lambs sold to Emmanual Exports for $34, a price that was matched when J Wasley, Mingenew, paid $34 for 202 yellow tag ewes.

Mr Wasley also bought 181 red tagged ewes for $29.

Purple and green tagged ewes both went to Dongara farmers, with 209 purple tags bought by Haydn Bygraves for $28.20, and PM & N Crab paying $25.80 for the other line of 165 ewes.

All the sheep offered were Cardo blood except for 440 Sanfyre blood, green tag ewes which were sold in two lines, both going to Elders, Mingenew, who paid $26 for 295 ewes and $22 for the other 145.

All the adult sheep were August shorn and had been running with Cardo rams since December 1, while the younger sheep were all shorn at the end of September.

The second line of 167 wether lambs fetched $25.40 from G Norrish, Perenjori, who also bought 130 of the young ewes for $20, while the remaining 303 young ewes went to MW & AJ Crab, Morawa, for $26.20.


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