180,000c/kg for wool bale

22 Jan, 2004 07:00 PM

A WORLD record price of 180,000c/kg greasy was paid for a bale of 12.2 micron wool sold by Landmark-Jackson of Geelong in Melbourne last week.

The bale was presented by Horsham-based company The Wool Factory, and sold by tender to Associated Wool Exporters on behalf of South Korean company Cheil Industries.

Landmark-Jackson of Geelong Superfine Wool Specialist Ted Wilson said the bale, with a yield of 73.1, 68mm length and 44Nkts, was of outstanding style and quality, and was part of The Wool Factory's finest clip ever produced.

Cheil Industries is an affiliate of the Samsung Group and is a world leader in the processing of superfine wool products and is the biggest single user of 16.5 microns or finer for the production of fine fabric.

They are major exporters to the US, Japan and other countries.

Last year the company produced the world's finest yarn, 180NM count, and fabric.

Souther Wool manager Ian Walter, representing Associated Wool Exporters, said the wool market was seeing increasingly finer wools because of improvements in animal husbandry and selective breeding.

"Cheil Industries has created sophisticated processing systems to take advantage of this incredible fibre and will continue to do so as the wool becomes available," Mr Walter said.


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