Accountants work on wool R&D plan

25 Nov, 1999 12:52 AM

A SENIOR team from accounting firm KPMG has begun work on a range of financial models to help determine future funding of Australia's wool research and development and marketing, including the role of the international Woolmark trademark. The KPMG appointment was announced by chairman of the national Wool Working Party, Dr John Keniry. The Wool Working Party has been commissioned to act on recommendations of the McLachlan Wool Future Directions Task Force. KPMG's financial models of future wool industry R&D and marketing options will be considered by the Wool Working Party before a range of final choices go to wool taxpayers in a national poll early next year. Dr Keniry said the working party had also appointed a national marketing communications company to manage communications between the working party and national wool growing community leading up to this important wool taxpayer poll. Integrated Marketing Communications' brief was to ensure maximum participation by wool producers in this important industry poll, he said. "We have set out down the path to process some critical issues surrounding future R&D and marketing and it's now full steam ahead to meet some challenging deadlines in relation to our terms of reference," he said. The Wool Working Party consists of Wool Forum members David Wolfenden (NSW), David Webster (WA) and Lindsay Godfrey (Qld); lawyer Denis Byrne (Qld); Woolmark Company operations director David Conners (Vic); PricewaterhouseCoopers' Margaret Gibson (Qld); and Dr Keniry, who is a Woolstock board member and chairman of Ridley Agribusiness Corporation.


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