AN independent advisory committee to the Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) has suspended one woolclass

12 Apr, 2007 07:00 PM

The role of the committee was to independently review wool-classers and classing houses as a result of clip inspection audits.

As a result of the latest audit, one woolclasser has been sus-pended, 15 placed on probation and 14 received a written war-ning with improvements sought.

AWEX wool services manager David Cother said WA woolclas-sers were among those audited but could not divulge the number to Farm Weekly.

Mr Cother said the main issues identified with woolclassers were repeat instances of poor skirting, contamination, wool length dis-crepancies and mixing of diffe-rent breeds¹ wool.

³Most of them received repri-mands and if we don¹t see im-provement there will be reconsi-deration,² Mr Cother said.

The reprimands did not in-volve a financial penalty or fine.

A previous audit that took place late last year involved eight woolclassers.

³Those first round of eight are carrying out their probation, so this is proving to be very effec-tive,² Mr Cother said.

He said the audits were convened when a number of trigger-points or clip standard issues were identified.

³We¹d like to think that it never meets,² he said.

³So it¹s subject to everyone classing well.

³At this point they are looking at meeting three or four times annually.

³The important thing is that they are reviewing those classers on probation and seeing if they are performing adequately.²

An AWEX registrar sits on the committee but has no influence over other committee member decisions.

The next committee meeting is scheduled for late June and will be made up of represen-tatives from the wool training, processing and wool classing sectors.

Meanwhile, the WAFarmers wool council has warned it will not tolerate AWEX using woolclasser registration fees as a fund raising mechanism.

Wool council president Max Watts said woolgrowers had no concerns with AWEX woolclasser registration fees, if the revenue was not diverted to other channels.

³There certainly has to be a woolclasser database, as long as there¹s not excessive amounts of money raised from it to be siphoned off elsewhere,² Mr Watts said.


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