Australia on track to deliver socially responsible wool

31 Aug, 2010 07:13 AM
Denine Woodrow tries her hand at shearing at Why Merino? at Dubbo.
Denine Woodrow tries her hand at shearing at Why Merino? at Dubbo.

AUSTRALIA appears to be on the right track as far as producing a socially responsible wool clip, says speaker at the recent Why Merino? conference, Denine Woodrow.

Ms Woodrow (pictured) is the owner of the business and strategic planning company, DP Woodrow and Company, at Charlotte in North Carolina, US.

During her trip to Australia she has visited several wool producing properties and has been pleased with the combination of welfare measures and holistic approach to management.

"In terms of their holistic management, (the farmers) really do have a great story to tell," she said.

She said this direction was important for Australian wool to remain in demand in the US, as many large companies now employed social responsibility groups whose role was to examine, and in most cases, audit the supply chains of their products and see how these fitted with their consumers' social values.

"It's becoming more and more common," she said.

She was also amazed at just how much knowledge and experience was involved in the wool industry.

"It really is helping me connect what happens at the beginning and what I see at the end point of retail," she said.


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