AWEX to segregate for mulesed wool

26 Mar, 2008 12:04 PM

A FORMAL process for identifying wool from mulesed and non-mulesed flocks will be available to growers in July this year.

The Australian Wool Exchange Industry Services Advisory Committee is currently implementing a vendor declaration system to be completed by growers when selling thier wool.

It is understood use oft he declaration will be speeded up to meet growing demand from clients who want to identify the source of the wool from non-mulesed sheep.

Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) chief executive officer Mark Grave said growers can already make the declaration that their wool is from non-mulesed sheep but there was a need to make the whole process more formal.

“There is already a lot of interest in formalising the process,” Mr Grave said.

“Next week we will start producing reports that identify those lots that have been declared as coming from non-mulesed sheep.

“It is a voluntary declaration, but there is a lot of interest in it and those that do not mules want to declare it and make it known to those buyers looking for that type of wool.”


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