Bell to remain on AWI board

26 Nov, 2008 09:56 AM
Dr Kevin Bell said he is committed to the AWI board... for now.
Dr Kevin Bell said he is committed to the AWI board... for now.

AWI director Dr Kevin Bell has labelled the election result a disaster, but says he will remain on the board for the time being.

Dr Bell said he was disturbed by the election's outcome.

"In terms of a disaster, if the five members on the 'Olsson-Merriman-Fletcher' ticket had been voted in it would be a 100 per cent disaster, so it is only an 80pc disaster," Dr Bell said.

He said he and many other woolgrowers objected to Mr Merriman's chairmanship.

"They did feel the previous chairman in Brian van Rooyen had global corporate governance, wool industry perspective skills and experience and general ability.

"The growers I have talked to were very surprised at the choice of chairman, they think Mr van Rooyen has a better set of skills."

Dr Bell said he supported Mr van Rooyen as the best AWI chairman.

"I supported Mr van Rooyen in the lead up, so I am not likely to change my mind," he said.

It has been reported Dr Bell will step down from the AWI board because of the election result.

"I did say I would step down if the board became dysfunctional," Dr Bell said.

"However, I have had phone calls from across Australia from growers saying 'don't step down, we want you there'.

"So I will work with the board as long as they have honesty and integrity.

"If the group leading the Australian wool industry was headed for disaster I would resign to keep my integrity."


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