Chinese police may pull wool over criminals

31 Mar, 2012 04:00 AM

CHINESE policemen could soon be solving crimes while keeping warm wearing woollen uniforms.

Australian Wool Network, with help from PJ Morris Exports, hopes to set up a supply chain with the Jingu Hengwei Group, a Chinese company that has the contract to produce uniforms for the Chinese police force.

The connection could be possible because Jingu Hengwei Group president, Mr Pan, is a spinner, weaver and textile manufacturer, who wants to start sourcing his wool direct.

Australian Wool Network managing director John Colley said talks with Mr Pan had resulted in him organising a visit to Australia in April.

"This is a classic example where we can get into bed with somebody that is an actual user of wool and increase the amount of wool usage in the pipeline," Mr Colley said.

"The Jingu Hengwei Group has the contract to produce the entire uniform for the Chinese police force, from gun holsters to the boots and shoes.

"The group has a factory that makes 10,000 pairs of shoes a day, specifically for the police force."

With the Chinese Police Force equating to 3.5 million people, or basically the population of Melbourne being dressed in wool, Mr Colley said potential wool sales would be huge.

The current Chinese police uniform consists of about 60 per cent wool and the hope is to introduce a more lightweight fabric consisting of different wool types.

"The idea is to make a uniform that can be worn year-round," Mr Colley said.

"We're confident it is going to go ahead but there may be delays because of the language barrier and the amount of money involved.

"It's not going to happen overnight, but the opportunity exists."

Mr Colley said a deal to clothe the Chinese police force would have a flow-on effect with more Chinese realising the quality and worth of Australian wool.


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