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28 Mar, 2002 07:00 PM

THE official story of wool and its relevance to the WA economy past and present is about to be gathered and stored for generations to come.

Elders has also come to the party in offering 70 years of wool sale catalogues to the Battye Library, collecting archival material for its Wool Story project.

Project officer David Jones said the Elders records and others donated would be preserved under a permanent environment of 20 degrees Celsius and 50pc humidity, ensuring the material lasted indefinitely.

Elders wool administration manager Noel Mills said he was pleased the archives would be preserved instead of slowly disintegrating at the Spearwood storage room.

Mr Jones said the sale catalogues had the auctioneers' original notations, which gave the records extra archival value.

He said that in some cases catalogues included combined wool sales such as at Albany under Associated Wool Brokers.

The Elders wool sale catalogues dated from 1920 to 1989.

Mr Jones said records, once sorted, described and shelved, could be accessible within a few months of collecting.

He said the material gathered would mostly be used by historians but farmers might also want to make use of them to trace family. The Elders records would take up about 20-metres of library shelving.

Elders WA wool marketing manager Ken Walker, who has been in the industry for 37 years, will provide an oral history to the Wool Story project.

The Library was still seeking more material which could include written records, such as sheep breeding records, administration files, diaries, photographs or video and audio tapes. However, material could be in any format.

Mr Jones said money for the Wool Story project had been donated by now retired Bill Hughes who used to run a company called West Wools.

More information on the Wool Story project: Michael Price on 9427 3420.


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