Exclusion fence targets wild dogs

25 Oct, 2015 01:00 AM

VIDEO: IN Central Queensland – once the heart of the country’s wool industry – wild dogs are forcing producers off the land or out of sheep, and devastating regional communities.

The situation hasn’t been helped by drought, and the irony is that sheep are much better suited to tough conditions than cattle.

For one group of producers in the Tambo-Blackhall region, the answer has been exclusion fencing and they’ve banded together in an effort to control the dogs and once again have the choice of running sheep or cattle.

Watch the video as some of them tell their story.



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I went to the State barrier fence coastal - end yesterday - and was appalled at the state of
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The days of DAFWA having the bulk of GRDC funding in WA are long gone, they can't even
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In a domestic market situation I can see why this would be supported but in a 90% export market