Hassell eyes AWI board seat

27 Sep, 2013 02:00 AM
Pingelly farmer John Hassell will stand as a candidate in the upcoming AWI Board election.
Pingelly farmer John Hassell will stand as a candidate in the upcoming AWI Board election.

PINGELLY farmer John Hassell says he has his sights set on claiming a seat on the Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) Board.

Mr Hassell is the only WA candidate for a seat on the Board and said he was hoping to look with new eyes and challenge the way AWI does things.

"Most importantly I want to expand the notion of a grower return on investment and make sure growers get rewarded," Mr Hassell said.

"For me it is all about getting what is best for wool growers, representing them and making their pockets fatter."

Mr Hassell said if he was successful in his bid to be a part of the AWI Board he would take a whole supply chain approach to determine how best to benefit growers.

"I want to look at the things that have the biggest impact on growers' bottom line and redirect the focus away from a purely marketing strategy," he said.

"I recognise the role marketing plays, but a very large proportion of a grower's wool income goes into the wool harvesting process.

"Even a 10 per cent improvement in that area will equate to a significant improvement in income.

"I want to look into those parts of the supply chain and direct our biggest focus onto those areas that will give us the biggest returns."

Mr Hassell said the support he received in the nomination phase had been nothing short of phenomenal.

Eight candidates in total will contest the board positions to be made available at the 2013 AWI Annual General Meeting on November 22.

The AWI Constitution stipulates at least a third of the Board, currently made up of seven members, must retire their position every two years.

Incumbent AWI directors Meredith Sheil and George Falkiner will retire and re-stand for election at the 2013 AGM, while director Roger Fletcher will not re-stand after serving on the Board since 2007.

AWI chairman Wal Merriman thanked and paid tribute to Mr Fletcher saying he had brought significant experience, insight, business acumen and practical common sense to the AWI Board over the last six years.

"This had assisted with the Board's focus on commercial research and efficiencies in operations which have been of great benefit to woolgrowers in Australia, and the Board wishes Mr Fletcher well in his future endeavours," Mr Merriman said.

Six outside Board nominees, including Mr Hassell, achieved the necessary 100 valid shareholder signatures as verified by our share registry, Link Market Services and will now stand as candidates for the 2013 AWI Board election:

p Paul Cocking, New South Wales

p John Hassell, WA

p Jock MacRae, Victoria

p James Morgan, South Australia

p Martin Oppenheimer, NSW

p Will Roberts, Queensland

The AWI Board Nomination Committee will assess the skills of candidates as required under the Statutory Funding Agreement with the Federal Government.

The Nomination Committee will deliver its report to the AWI Board and the report will be appended to the Notice of Annual General Meeting as part of the AWI shareholder voting pack.

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27/09/2013 7:34:12 AM, on The Land

While Merriman is still chairman, AWI will continue to go nowhere and continue to let down Australian wool growers.
28/09/2013 4:21:23 PM, on Stock Journal

At least they have done something constructive about shearer and shedhand training,ithink that is a step for the whole industry,shearing isn`t going to be replaced for a long time yet
10/10/2013 4:53:44 AM, on The Land

I agree Ross while ever Merriman is there you have no chance with new ideas. Good luck John hope you can make a difference but you will have trouble with the same chairman.


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