Hopes high for study award

23 Feb, 2001 10:00 PM

JUDGING has finished and the winner of the 2001 Wool Agency Woolorama scholarship is a closely guarded secret until it is announced at the Wagin Woolorama on Friday, March 9 at 1pm.

It is the second time the award has been presented and scholarship co-ordinator Ray Johnson says applications had been received from WA's three universities.

The inaugural Wool Agency Woolorama scholarship awarded for the first time last year was won by University of WA honours student Jodie Rintoul of Williams.

As part of her winning package Jodie will return to Woolorama to speak about her studies into the effect of feeding blue lupins on the colour of fine Merino Wool.

Her conclusion was that blue lupins did not affect the wool colour of Merino weaners but sulphur amino acids may play a role.

The scholarship is awarded to a student undertaking honours research that will benefit the sheep or wool industry.

The following students were eligible to apply:

pUniversity of WA, students enrolled in a fourth year degree course within the faculty of agriculture.

pCurtin University of Technology, Muresk Institute of Agriculture, students enrolled in a fourth year degree course.

pMurdoch University, students enrolled in an honours research prlject within the division of veterinary and biomedical sciences.

Wool Agency director Peter Leroy said the award was to encourage young people to study Merino sheep and wool and pursue wool as a vocation.

He said an entire generation had grown up never seeing profit from a sheep.

"For a young person to study in this industry is a brave thing and it is timely to give young people and all farmers a positive outlook for wool," he said.

"It is the best way we know to encourage growth, innovation and diversification in the wool industry.

"The industry is entering a new era of profitability and it is important there is some incentive to study an industry that has been shaky for 10 years. We are here to support this scholarship indefinitely."

The scholarship is worth up to $5000 and the full amount was awarded to last year's winner.


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