Mail's in for wool growers

26 Jul, 2000 03:00 PM

AUSTRALIAN woolgrowers are set to gain access to a free, flexible and convenient e-mail address that will uniquely identify them to the world. The Woolmark Company is directing one of its web addresses,, to the Australian woolgrower community. Rimas Skeivys from Woolmark's Information Services says the aim is to give all Australian woolgrowers a consistent e-mail address that will identify their industry while projecting a professional image. The e-mail service will be provided by Woolmark at no cost to growers, with the address to be self-administered, meaning that growers will request and manage their own mail service. Growers will be asked a number of questions when requesting an account, from what type of wool they produce to where they are located, which is designed to customise services to individual growers and to ensure that only woolgrowers are using the service. The e-mail address can be kept regardless of which Internet service provider (ISP) is being used, and can be accessed from any Internet connection in the world. In conjunction with the portal project, the free e-mail service is part of Woolmark's strategy to provide growers with a set of Internet tools which will assist in e-business in the future. It will also provide a lower cost and more immediate means of communicating with and distributing industry-related information to woolgrowers. The email service can be accessed directly through


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