Mules and be proud

31 Jul, 2008 09:44 AM

Federal O'Connor MHR Wilson Tuckey has called on woolgrowers to be proud of the fat that they mules their sheep.

"There is no legal obligation upon wool growers to cease mulesing in 2010 or any other period in time," Mr Tuckey said.

"I have no indication in the Parliament of any intention to legislate, which I and many other MP's would oppose.

"Commercially there has been no benefit demonstrated at auction and the processing industry which has been silent in the past on the issue is now pleading for more production.

"The time is right for woolgrowers who know best for their animals' welfare to get a new stencil marked 'mulesed and proud of it'."

There appeared no kinder or effective treatment of lambs other than mulesing to protect from flystrike, he said.

"While human medical profession promotes circumcision for mature and juvenile African males to protect them from AIDS, members of the same profession are pressured by animal activists to condemn a similar process applied to sheep to protect them from an equally debilitating condition," Mr Tuckey said.

"If a few high profile retailers whose sales, whilst welcome, wish to sell clothing manufactured from other countries' inferior wool, or revert to carbon emitting based synthetics, well so be it."

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31/07/2008 12:52:56 PM

You couldn't expect anything more intelligent or compassionate from Tuckey.
Martin Oppenheimer
31/07/2008 6:37:28 PM

Wilson, it's mules with pain relief & be proud. There is a commercial brand for this & it's called "better choices".
Brendan of Wollongong NSW
1/08/2008 10:24:18 AM

Wilson Tuckey's one-eyed defense of mulesing is frankly sick and sickening. There ARE proven viable alternatives, including using clips and selective breeding of sheep with little or no wrinkles or wool on their hind legs. Research by Australian Wool Innovation finds that attaching clips means "clipped lambs suffered less pain and stress than mulesed lambs, were more likely to survive, and gained more weight" with no significant increase in flystrike. Researchers, supported by the WA Agriculture Department, are halfway through a five-year study on selective breeding that is already yielding promising results.


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