Must increase efforts: GWF

28 Sep, 2006 07:00 PM

THE German Wool Federation (GWF) has warned Australia must increase its efforts in wool marketing or lose the industry forever.

GWF president Gunther Beirer said the GWF believed strongly that Australian woolgrowers should be fully aware of what was at stake when voting in WoolPoll 2006.

³When you discuss a future levy and its distribution it is essential to consider the importance of marketing efforts directed towards final consumer products containing quality wool,² he said.

³It goes without saying that on-farm research is essential, but at the moment the allocation between research and marketing is disproportionate and not achieving the desired result.

³It is therefore essential that your vote in November makes it perfectly clear to those responsible that you approve the idea of marketing efforts for quality wool products the end-consumer can buy.²

The European nation has also criticised some of Australia¹s biggest wool importers who did not contribute to Australian Wool Services¹ (AWS) US Test Marketing Project (TMP).

China and India did not contribute to the TMP, but collectively imported more than 25.5 million kilograms of greasy Australian wool in July.

China remains the biggest importer of Australian wool, taking more than 60pc of the nation¹s clip. India is the third-largest importer of Australian wool.

Mr Beirer said experience had shown some key countries would always refuse to participate in financing the TMP.

³We put up a considerable amount of money on a volun-tary basis to support the project, however, it would be difficult to sustain it long term in this manner,² he said.


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