Quality Merino display

29 Jul, 1999 02:12 AM

A TOTAL of 29 studs will particpiate in the popular annual Gnowangerup-Broomehill Merino field day, but centralisation will mean that patrons are required to make only 12 stops in order to see them all. The day will be held on Wednesday, August 18. The Gnowangerup-Broomehill display is day three of Merino Week and has expanded under the new format to incorporate a stop at Katanning showgrounds, where seven studs will be gathered. Eleven studs will exhibit at the Gnowangerup showgrounds marquee, representing the bigest gathering of Merino studs at a single venue for the duration of the field day series. And further 10 studs will cover all studs exhibiting on-property, in an area spreading from Broomehill through to Gnowangerup and Borden. Gnowangerup-Broomehill field day president Geoff Bales says the studs involved have the highest possible commitment to the wool industry, a commitment that will be reflected by the calibre of sheep on display. "I challenge commercial woolgrowers to take a serious interest in monitoring the breeding progress of Merino studs from this area and note quality direction we are taking them," he said. ÿ


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