Robotic arm shearing could this be the future?

10 Jul, 2018 07:23 AM

World record holding Australian shearer Dwayne Black was one of a group of top shearers who participated in a scoping day held by AWI to look into the opportunity of using robotics in wool harvesting.

“In this industry, we really need to accept change, accept opportunities that may come about because there really can’t be any improvement in the industry unless we open our minds and give it a chance to be more efficient," Dwayne said.

“It was really good to see the robotics guy’s eyes light up and that was the penny drop moment for me because I could see that they could see that we could build something.”

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Absolutely ludicrous that this is even a thing. Should organic farmers be liable if their farms
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GM crops are a dud. They are stalled, with GM seed markets saturated, and failure to deliver on
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Not sure in what universe Wilson think the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources is "an