Strong demand boosts exports

24 Nov, 2004 10:00 PM

STRONG demand for Australian wool has been reflected in the latest export figures and Elders State wool manager Stuart Macaulay says the September quarter showed a 32pc increase on the same period last year.

Mr Macaulay says China continues to be the largest export destination for our wool, accounting for 46 pc ­ or 53 million kilograms of greasy wool ­ of all exports for the financial year.

He says in the September quarter China has taken a staggering 87pc more wool than for the same period last year, without the disruption of SARS.

China Takes 53 pc of its raw wool imports from Australia.

³Italy remains the second largest export destination, taking 15.2 million kilograms greasy or 13pc of total exports,² Mr Macaulay says.

³However, fine wool volumes continue to be dominated by China where Chinese and Western companies make fine wool top.

³India is in third place, importing 8.5 million kilograms, an increase of 41pc on the year and it continues to emerge as a major long-term player in the overall wool market.²

Mr Macaulay says textile quotas remain topical around the world and the return of the Bush government in America is seen as a major positive for the international textile trade.

He said the Democratic Party under John Kerry was likely to have been more protectionist and could have had a larger effect by restricting trade.

Supply of wool in the southern hemisphere is in full swing.

³The October testing statistics are showing an 11 pc reduction of wool tests and this drop in testing is also a result of rains in some parts of Australia,² Mr Macaulay said.

³In WA wool cuts in Wheatbelt areas have been good so far this season however after last years very good production in the Great Southern this year is seeing a return closer to the average with cuts down slightly in that region.

³In country around Broken Hill and the pastoral districts of SA we find the red centre is covered in green ­ or red mud ­ and a small rain in those parts limits any movement on dirt roads, particularly for wool-carrying road trains.²


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